G M Academy

Sabzi Mandi Road, Subabazar(Khorabar)

, , Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

The School Crest: - In our School Crest “MAA SARASWATI is with an inspiring motto inscribed “Sheelain Vidhya Shobhate” means good conduct is an ornament of knowledge.

The VEENA is the instrument of Devi Sharashwati Goddess of Education, so we all have to become an instrument of God. The GREEN LEAFS signifies the freshness and greenness of our life can be mentioned only with the help of education. And this blessing we can seek from MAA SARASWATI, Goddess of Education.

The Educational Institution in this sense becomes an expression of human response to God’s call to transform the world.

At all the logo signifies that G.M. Academy makes it sure that its solid foundation be on the supreme wisdom and perfect knowledge of God as revealed in the Holy Scriptures of all the religious of the world.

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